NMTA is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization which is committed to investigating matters causing the state’s low economic and educational rankings and then to reporting the results of those investigations to New Mexicans.  It does this in the hope that its efforts will assist New Mexico to become a state where children are well educated and where productive jobs are plentiful.

NMTA supports a free market, capitalistic economic system because it’s directors believe that such a system, when compared with other economic systems, leads to greater prosperity for citizens. They also believe that a capitalistic economic system generally results in greater personal freedoms and in unleashing human creativity.

NMTA directors believe that political corruption erodes the rights of citizens, dissipates their public wealth and diminishes private endeavor. They believe that political corruption has long burdened New Mexico and is part of the explanation for New Mexico’s continued low rankings among the states.

NMTA supports a rational regulatory environment in the state — one which would reduce regulation to that necessary to protect the actual health & safety of the citizens.

NMTA supports rational state and federal environmental policies — policies which recognize that the cleanest environments generally are those derived in those societies where abundant wealth allows citizens the luxury of worrying about the environment. NMTA supports environmental policies which value human endeavor, human liberty and human health over that of other animals.

NMTA directors believe that a necessary ingredient of a free society is protection of the rights of private property. They decry former and present efforts to expand the capacity of government to unconstitutionally diminish  private property rights.

NMTA supports a low taxation environment for the State of New Mexico because it’s directors believe that this would lead to greater jobs and wealth creation in the state of New Mexico.

NMTA supports cutting the size of government because it’s directors believe that small government is less likely to breach a citizen’s constitutional rights and further less likely to dissipate the wealth created by citizens.

NMTA opposes corporate welfare because such welfare contorts the purpose of government, generally diminishes competition and entails a system of forcing, through taxation, a citizen to support the business endeavors of others.